Tenant FAQs

You've viewed a property you'd like to rent through us. So what happens next? Here are the questions we get asked most frequently by prospective tenants. We hope you'll find the answers helpful, but please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. 

Q How do I apply for a property?

A We will give you a Tenant Application Form to complete. ?There is a link to this form in this drop-down menu?, but it can also either be emailed to you or a paper copy given once you have expressed interest in renting a property. Please note that the application for the property cannot be processed unless the Application Form has been completed in full. It is essential that all information given on the form is accurate.  Any knowingly false claims will result in the application being rejected, with the forfeit of your tenant fee and the part of the first month's rent paid if the landlord suffers any financial loss due to taking the property off the market and this resulting in the property being unoccupied.


Q What happens to the personal information I supply to you?

A Any personal information you supply to us will be treated confidentially and held in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. On signing the Application Form you authorise us to share this information with the landlord in order that we can gain approval for the tenancy.

Q What fees/deposit do I have to pay?

A An initial payment of £500 is required as soon as you have selected a property. This payment is made up of the tenant fee of £150 plus VAT (Total £180) for one person renting or £250 plus VAT (Total £300) for two people (£100 plus VAT - Total £120 each for additional persons), with the remaining money being the first part of the first month's rent for the property. The remainder of the first month's rent, plus the one-and-a-half month's deposit, is payable when you move in. The Agency Fee is a 'One Off Fee for Life'. While renting with us, either in the initial property or other subsequent properties, you'll pay no further fees, now or in the future, as long as no tenancy agreement has been breached. This means no renewal fees, no check-out fees and no further fees even in you rent any other properties from any branch of Space Lettings in the future.

Q Is my deposit refundable if things don't work out?

A If you change your mind regarding renting a property, then the agency fee will not be refundable and the initial part of the first month's rent may also be forfeited, especially if the landlord has suffered costs due to stopping marketing of the property. However, if the landlord does not accept your offer, then your £500 will be refunded in full.

Q Will you stop viewings at my chosen property?

A Once you have paid your initial payment, and the landlord of your chosen property has approved your application, we will cease all viewings. The choice of tenant for the property is ultimately that of the landlord. If two parties are competing for a property, it is the landlord's prerogative to decide which one he favours and may not be determined by who viewed the property first. We are not able to discuss other offers made for a property.

Q When will I receive a Tenancy Agreement to sign?

A Two copies of the Tenancy Agreement will be sent to you within five working days of us receiving your application form(s) and initial payment, assuming no delays are experienced in obtaining references. You will need to sign both copies and return them to us. We will then either sign on behalf of the landlord or obtain the landlord's signature as soon as satisfactory references have been obtained. Your copy is then sent to you. The acceptance of your Tenancy Agreement by us on behalf of the landlord is subject to satisfactory references.

Q How do I pay my rent each month?

A Your rent should be paid each month by standing order and this is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement (we do not operate a direct debit system). We will give you the required standing order form for you to fill in and provide to your bank to set this up. It is your responsibility to make sure that this is implemented by your bank and that your rent reaches our account on the designated date each month.

Q What do I need to do on check-in day?

A On the day it has been arranged that you will move into your rental property, please come in to the Space Lettings branch through which you will be renting, bringing with you both your signed Tenancy Agreement(s) and the means to pay the remainder of the first month's rent and the deposit. Keys to the property can be issued once payment has been received and the Tenancy Agreement has been signed. It is not normally possible to release keys prior to the first day of the tenancy.

Q What do I need to pay on check-in day? How do I pay?

A You will need to pay the remainder of the first month's rent in advance plus your deposit (normally the equivalent of one-and-a-half month's rent). Payment by debit card is the preferred method, although a banker's draft or cash can also be accepted. A personal cheque is not acceptable on check-in day. If you wish to pay by cheque, this should be made payable to Space Lettings Ltd, but we would need to receive it at least ten days prior to check-in for it to clear. Please note that credit cards can be accepted if you have no other alternative, but we will need to charge a 2.5% administration fee.

Q How is my deposit held? How will it be returned when my tenancy ends?

A Your deposit will be held in accordance with the regulations of the three government-approved deposit schemes - which one will be determined by your landlord. At the end of your tenancy, the deposit can be released as soon as agreement is reached, in line with government regulations. For more information, please refer to your Tenancy Agreement or go to www.thedisputeservice.co.uk


Q What about Water, Gas, Electricity, Council Tax and Telephone?

A Unless otherwise agreed, we undertake to take all meter readings at the beginning and end of the tenancy. However, you, as the account holder, are responsible for notifying the Utilities and Council Tax of change of occupier. Unless stated in your Tenancy Agreement, you will be responsible for paying these accounts. You must also make all arrangements for telephone and television services yourself.


Q What about insurance?

A Tenants should consider their need for insurance. Tenants are responsible for insuring their own possessions from the very beginning of their tenancy and it would be advisable to take out an appropriate contents insurance.


Q What about my areas of responsibility as a tenant?

A In a Fully Managed property, Space Lettings acts as the agent of the landlord and will aim to resolve any maintenance issues of which you notify us. However, you, as tenant, are still reasonably expected to:

  • do all day-today cleaning

  • dispose of all rubbish

  • do all window cleaning 

  • change all lightbulbs including bulbs in appliances

  • do general household and gardening maintenance, such as the cutting of grass (please see your Tenancy Agreement for clarification)

  • report to us all water leaks, however minor

  • forward to us, at the relevant branch of  Space Lettings, any post that may arrive for the landlord or former tenant(s)

  • safeguard all keys issued. If you are locked out, you may be able to collect a spare set from us. Outside office hours, you will be responsible for arranging and paying for a visit from a locksmith. Further details are outlined in your Tenancy Agreement.

If you have a maintenance problem and Space Lettings manages the property, then you should call the relevant Space Lettings branch.

In an emergency that occurs out of office hours, please call the relevant Space Lettings branch and leave a message. Someone will call you back to assess the problem and to decide what action is needed.

If the landlord manages the property, then we will have provided their details to you and you should contact them directly.

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